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Meet Two Turtle Doves

Design Inspiration

Megan Heather Evans has used a simple colour palette to create a striking image which shows the love and friendship of two turtle doves. If you give one turtle dove to someone special at Christmas and keep the other, it is thought that you will be friends forever. Megan has represented this act of giving, with the silhouette of Santa and his reindeers along a trail of magic stars, on the back of the Snowman.

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Megan Heather Evans

Designed and decorated
Two Turtle Doves

Meet Megan Heather Evans

Megan Evans is a Birmingham based tattooist and artist. After completing her Fine Art degree at Birmingham School of Art, Megan went on to complete her apprenticeship in tattooing and has tattooed full time at The Ink Shack, Solihull, for the past 3 years. As well as tattooing, Megan takes on various commission work and enjoys large-scale acrylic painting, working on many sculptures around the country. She designed giant Bee sculpture Buzzwig van Bee-thovan for the recent Bee in the City art trail.

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Walking with the Snowman

Walking with the Snowman